Chief’s Welcome

Welcome to the Somerset Police Department website and thank you for your interest in us. I hope our site will satisfy your curiosity about out department and its procedures, but if it does not please feel free to contact any of our staff. You will find information about contacting us further into the site.

If you are visiting us from afar please allow me to tell you about our community and our department. Somerset is a village of 2,400 located in St. Croix County. We are minutes from the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area in one of the most dynamic regions of Wisconsin.

The department is staffed with two sergeants, three patrol officers and a complement of part-time officers. One of our officers is assigned as a full-time school liaison officer. Our liaison officer serves our school campus area, which is comprised of an elementary school, middle school, and high school. Our full time officers are expected to maintain instructor status in critical areas of law enforcement such as emergency vehicle operation, firearms and emergency medical services. Several are also instructors for local community college’s law enforcement programs.

Every one of our officers is a dedicated professional committed to serving their community. I am proud to say that the majority of our residents know our officers by their first name and our officers actively seek opportunities to make positive contacts with our citizens. Our department is a small group of professionals who take to heart the responsibilities of being a police officer. We are privileged in having the support of our community and we will continue to do our best to earn that support.

Thank you,
Jerry Strohbusch
Officer in Charge

Mission Statement

The Somerset Police Department is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in our community. To accomplish this, we will work diligently each day to honor these promises for our community and ourselves.

We Promise

To Promote: A working partnership between officers and citizens to identify and resolve community issues with fairness, integrity, professionalism and innovation.

To Respect: The publics trust for our position and our responsibility to serve and protect them.

To Commit: To apply the law fairly in our community and to ourselves.

To Strive: To be positive role models and contributing members in our community

To Value: The compassion, knowledge, and pride required to be committed Law Enforcement Professional.

Our Team
Office Manager N. Merriman
Mrs. Merriman joined the Somerset Police Department in 2001. She started her career as a Dispatcher and Police Officer and then moved into office positions. Mrs. Merriman coordinates all reporting, warrant validations and judicial integration for the department.  
Sgt. J. Strohbusch
Sgt. J. Strohbusch joined the Somerset Police Department in 2003. He was sponsored through the WI recruit training after he was an intern with the Police Department. Sgt. Strohbusch has training and certifications in School Resource Officer, Taser Instruction, Drug Investigation, Interviewing/Interrogation, Death Investigations and Supervision in Police Personnel. His primary focus is special crimes investigations, Taser instruction and is assigned as the Police School Liaison Officer to the Somerset School District.    
Sgt. J. Trepczyk
Sgt. J. Trepczyk joined the Somerset Police Department in 2010. He was sponsored through the WI recruit training after he was an intern with the Police Department. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminal Justice. He is the department Field Training Officer (FTO) and coordinates all new officer orientation. Officer Trepczyk has training and certifications in School Resource Officer, Interviewing/Interrogation, OWI/DUI Enforcement and Excited Delirium incident response. He previously held the position of Police School Liaison Officer with the department. His primary focus is patrol duties.    
Officer A. Malean
More to come...            
Officer J. Farrell
More to come.            
Part Time Officers
A. Boldt A. Malean D. Dravis C. DuRand J. Elkin J. Garden J. Kastens N. Gausman P. Frieden T. Murphy
E. Bell J. Helwig J. Larson C. Lau J. Smith J. Hecht J. Olson J. Gales K. Evans
M. Jefson N. Pope S. Gostovich Z. Paul