Records Request

Crash Reports, Incident Reports and other Records can be obtained from the Somerset Police Department.

When requesting reports or records, be as specific as possible, include the case # if available, names, dates, times, locations, etc.

Records requests are not accepted over the telephone or by email.

 Requests may be made in person at the Somerset Police Department, by U.S. Mail or by FAX. The FAX number is (715)247-5987.

$10 per report
Digital Photos (1-4 per 8×10 sheet)
$5.00 per sheet
Video Recording
$15.00 each
Audio Recording
$15.00 each
Photocopies / Printouts

$.25 per single-sided page

$.40 per double-sided page

Our mailing address is:

Somerset Police Department
Attn: Records
P.O. Box 158 / 110 Spring St., Somerset WI 54025
Phone: (715) 247-3319
Fax: (715) 247-5987

The Somerset Police Department can be contacted during business hours at (715) 247-3319 if you have questions prior to submitting your request.

Ride Alongs

The Somerset Police Department provides an opportunity for civilians to observe the patrol activities of the officers. The goal is to help riders understand the problems and concerns law enforcement while establishing lines of communications between the officers and the community.

Interested candidates must apply to participate in the Ride-Along program by contacting the Chief of Police at 715-247-3319 during normal business hours. The Chief of Police will then consider the request for approval. Assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

The candidate MUST complete a Liability Waiver form. Candidates under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the waiver as well. Candidates under the age of 14 will not be allowed to ride unless the Chief of Police grants special permission.

There is NO gurantee that your request will be fulfilled as many factors can dictate the availability of a patrol officer. For example, prior commitments, calls for service, the officer’s schedule, etc can all be factors for declination of a ride-along. We will make every effort to assist the candidate to complete a ride-along.

Fingerprinting Services

Fingerprinting services are available through the Somerset Police Department for residents of the Village of Somerset that are applying for professional license(s) only..

Somerset Police Department

Hours of service: Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Location: 110 Spring St., Somerset WI 54025

This is a free service for the residents of Somerset.  In order to receive the service, you must present a picture ID.

You may call 715-247-3319 for more information.

Civil Process Procedure (Paper Services)

Due to the amount of papers that are received for service, our office should receive documents to be served within a reasonable amount of time so that we can make every effort to have them served in a timely fashion.

We do not give legal advice.

Petitioner/attorney should make sure that the address where the paper is to be served is in the Village of Somerset. Do not send papers where there is a Post Office Box only.

Please include your mailing address to receive a Certificate of Service (or) Non-service and the billing statement.

Where to send your paper service requests:

Somerset Police Department
Attn: Civil Process
P.O. Box 158 / 110 Spring St., Somerset WI 54025

What to send for service/return:

  • Private pay individuals and out-of-state process service requests require a $40.00 prepayment – please send these monies with your papers.
  • Original set of copies for EACH person to be served, a copy of the first page for return and a complete copy for our records.
  • Please be sure to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return.


$40.00 service fee

$10.00 per attempt (up to 6 attempts)

Worthless Check Services

The Somerset Police Department refers ALL requests to:

Worthless Check Diversion Program